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21st Century Video Productions would like to congratulate you both on your decision to share your lives together.

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life. At 21st Century Video Productions, we understand that you want to be able to look back on your special day and reminisce fondly about the laughter, the tears, the joy and the romance with your friends and family and of course your new life partner.

There is no better way to relive your day than to have your wedding professionally preserved on a video by 21st Century Video Productions. We capture your wedding day and present it to you with all the artistic flair and emotion that has consistantly made us award winners.

Why 21st Century Video Productions?

Our Experience

With almost twenty years experience in wedding video production and over 3500 weddings to our credit, 21st Century Video Productions has earned a reputation for producing innovative and stylish videos which are a pleasure to watch time and time again. 21st Century Video Productions has won multiple awards from the Australian Video Producers Association (AVPA) for the high standard of wedding videos we produce.

Our People

Our staff are creative, relaxed professionals who take pride in producing the best quality work possible on every production they are involved with.

Our experienced Camera Operators are familiar with every church and reception centre in the metropolitan area and are prepared for any situation that may arise. They blend in seemlessly with your guests and work well with your stills photographer. Don’t worry if cameras make you nervous, we promise you won’t notice ours.

When it comes to editing your wedding video, you will find no finer than our editing staff. Collectively producing over two hundred and fifty weddings every year, our editors have the experience and the creativity to consistently produce outstanding award winning wedding videos.

Our Equipment

Your video will be shot on professional quality video cameras that produce bright, colourful, crystal clear images, under minimal lighting. This means that we can shoot inside churches without the need for extra lighting. Our cameras are very versatile and portable, allowing us to catch all the action of your day, be it on the tripod shooting your speeches and formalities or off the shoulder to capture dancing and wedding games.

We use radio microphones in conjunction with on-camera microphones, allowing us to acquire vows and speeches with greater clarity than even your guests will hear on the day!

After your wedding has been shot it is edited in-house using 21st Century Video Productions’ first class non-linear editing facilities. With a limitless array of tasteful effects, slow motion, corrective facilities and our experienced editors in the driver’s seat, your wedding video will be one to remember.

Visit us

21st Century Video Productions invites you to come to our studio and view our outstanding work in a comfortable, obligation free atmosphere. You’ll be amazed how stunning a truly well made video can be. A combination of great footage, capturing all those emotional and fun-filled moments, shot unobtrusively with state of the art equipment, and creative editing and effects make for a video akin to a movie-going experience with you and your fiancé as the stars.

To arrange a meeting with us or to request further information, simply fill in the online form available here.

21st Century Video Productions is an accredited member of the Australian Video Producers Association (AVPA). Multiple Award Winners Gold, Silver and Bronze, Australia Wide.